To any website owner or blogger, attracting as many online visitors as possible is always the ultimate goal. However, people will not just stumble upon your website out of pure chance. You have to go the extra mile so that your website is visible enough for people to notice. Ranking well on major search engines such as Bing, Google and MSN could go a long way in putting your website on the map. To achieve this you need to be familiar with the concept of search engine optimization, also known as SEO. The technique will propel your website to greater heights by acting as an advertising agent and therefore generating traffic.

Categories of SEO

Search engine optimization can be categorized into two, depending on the techniques being used. One category is compliant to the rules and regulations of search engines, and it is called the white hat SEO approach. The other one is called black hat technique and does not necessarily abide by the set guidelines. Basically, one of its strategies is keyword stuffing and hiding certain text within a webpage. Although your website may rank higher, it may damage your website’s credibility in the end. When faced with the dilemma of choosing which approach to use, the best SEO advice any professional in this field will give you is to go for the white hat approach.

White hat SEO uses specific and effective strategies to increase your website’s visibility and popularity. It creates and inserts links in other websites or pages that link back to your site. This way even if someone chose another website from a list and left out yours, he or she can access your website from the one he or she chose, by simply clicking on your website’s link. It also ensures that the content of your website is relevant and the keywords are effective enough to draw traffic your way.
For you to maximize on SEO, you need to ensure that your website’s content is authentic and relevant. Whether it is videos, images, blog posts or articles, the standards must be maintained. Popular search engines such as Google are now demanding that your website’s content be of great quality and be relevant enough for it to get a spot at the top of the list. Your target audience should be satisfied with the material they get from your site to remain loyal. You may need to update your website from time to time so that it remains relevant on the search engine.

Fundamentally, the keyword is probably the most integral part of SEO. It should be spread throughout the content with a density of around 3%. The position of the keyword within the content can influence your website’s visibility. It should be placed in the beginning of the content and in the website’s URL for maximum effect.