What Is A DJ?

DJ is short for disc jockey. DJs mix and play recorded music. They use a variety of equipment, including a DJ mixer, sound system, headphones, microphones, sound recordings and drum machines. DJs perform at weddings, corporate parties, graduation parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties and night clubs.

What Should I Look For In A DJ?

If you have never hired a DJ before, then selecting the right one may be difficult. Experience is one of the things that you should look for in a DJ. It is difficult to make a career out of being a DJ. Therefore, if a DJ has been in business for a long time, then he or she is probably doing something right. You should not only look at the number of years that a DJ has been in business, but you should also find out how much experience he has playing for your particular event. For example, if you are looking for a DJ for your corporate party, then you should look for someone who has DJ’d for many corporate parties.

You should ask a DJ for references before hiring him or her. A DJ that provides quality services will probably not have any problem providing you with a list of people he or she worked with in the past. Additionally, you can find out about good DJs by reading reviews online. If the DJ has his or her own personal website, then you may want to look at that also.

Your budget is something else that you will want to consider when you are hiring a DJ. It is important to select someone you can afford, but you should also be wary of DJs who charge very low prices. You should find out why the prices are so low. In many cases, a low price is a reflection of the type of service that you will be getting.

You should also inquire about additional costs. Some DJs will only charge you by the hour, but others will also charge extra for things such as travel, setup, take down and preparations. If you want to avoid hidden fees, then you may want to ask about all-inclusive deals.

Furthermore, you should ask about the charge for extra hours. This is important because your event may end up lasting longer than you have initially planned. Some DJs will charge you a ridiculous amount of money for extra hours. If the DJ does not charge a reasonable price for extra hours of service, then you may want to consider choosing another one.