Product or service price, and marketing are two of the most important determinants of business success. While most business startups have good strategies on pricing, marketing is their greatest hurdle to success. How to make known your product to the right audience is an art that requires proper planning. Today, we discuss the most effective marketing strategies worth trying in your business.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is the most effective way to reach a greater audience within all business niches. According to Statistica, 4.2 billion people used the Internet actively in 2018. Since no one knows your business better than you, you can identify the most effective channel from social media, to online promotions, blogging, digital advertising, and article marketing among others. The secret is finding the option that is most appealing to the audience in your niche. Here are trending options worth trying.

Google My Business

GMB deserves special attention for its potential in marketing. This tool places your business at the top of a search page if the keywords match your business description. This improves the visibility of your business before viewers proceed to the organic-search list. Google draws information from various platforms, including Google Insights, Analytics, Maps, and Google + to rank your business for a particular search.

Facebook Ads

Data shows that more than 2.3 billion people actively use Facebook every month. This channel excels best for targeted marketing, where you streamline your adverts to audience based on their location, age, sex, and interests among other attributes. Besides, designing Facebook ads is easy as you just need a catch title, description, and some images. Using a professional to run your promotion campaigns increases your return on investment.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is perhaps the most effective way for lead nurturing. While people may not purchase products on their first visit to your website, successive follow up yields results. The key is to offer something helpful in exchange for their mails. This could be a downloadable file or a coupon.

Using Promotional Products

Using corporate promotional marketing products is a cost-effective way of reaching out to potential customers. Be it a free cap, pen, tee, or flash drive, anything with your logo on it goes a long way to creating brand awareness. People are more responsive to promotional products since they add value to their lives. Studies show that about 50 per cent of people use the promotional products received in their daily lives. A good percentage of the remaining half gift the products to families and friends. Promotional products are good for all business types, big or small. Most people use these products for at least six months then pass them over to their loved ones. This reduces the average cost for brand recognition. Since people use promotional products in their daily lives, they are more likely to remember you brand when they shop for products in your category.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach in marketing. Strategic marketing requires you first understand your audience and preferences. However, the options provided in this guide have been proven to be effective for all businesses. Run small tests with each option to establish which works best for you.