Wollombi Farm goes online.

Just after the building and construction work had been completed on the new guest house, local identities and horse lovers, Peter and Mary opened their doors for guests.

Accommodating up to 10 people, Wollombi Farm is nestled beside the banks of the Wollombi Brook, just minutes from the historic village of Wollombi.

Visit Wollombi Farm here and plan your next country stay in Wollombi. You will love it.


The Parrot is no more !

'e has ceased to be !

'E's expired and gone to meet 'is maker !

'E's a stiff! Bereft of life, 'e rests in peace !

'E's off 'is twig !

'E's kicked the bucket, 'e's shuffled off 'is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisible !


Poor Parrot Stump Farm ! Its name has changed. Now it's Midnight's Promise Estate.

Parrot Stump Farm has re-branded as a result of increased levels of business through the new the Cellar Door outlet onsite. But - the luxury self contained and private accommodation in the vineyard still lives on.....

Discover Midnight's Promise and all it offers at

Intellinet's new site

Its been a while, and at last Intellinet sports a new site featuring new web standards.

With the emergence of new web standards for markup and presentation now appearing on the web we had to do something - even if it was in a small way.

For the past 10 years the web has continued to evolve in ways the original creators never expected. Part of this evolution has been in the way content can be delivered over fast networks, another example has been in the way content can be presented thanks to AJAX and supporting code libraries like jQuery. Then of course, video has made a big impression.

While all that was going on, a group of experts were putting together the roadmap for the future of the underlying key technologies: The Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) which provides the means for the mark-up and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) which manages the core presentational aspect of a web page. As new ideas started to become understood, the browser makers such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla (Firefox) were placing new features into their browsers to support the new "standards". The process of standardisation for the web has been a battle ground in the past - remember the browser wars of the 1990's ? Lest hope we never see that again.

New standards that have been implemented for some time by Apple, Google, and Firefox are now slowly creeping into the mainstream browser, Microsoft's Internet Explorer. If you dont have a current version of Apple's Safari, Google's Chrome, Mozilla's Firefox then its time for you to upgrade. If you use Microsoft Vista or Windows 7 then you can download Internet Explorer 9 from Microsof's website. Be sure to download the right version for your system.

So, what you may ask. Well, take a look at these 2 screenshots:


Whilst initially there does not appear to be much difference, there are some subtle differences. The top version shows rounded corners on the left and right sections as well as the central dark box with the key message. There is also a subtle drop shadow applied to the central box.

The second version - taken from Internet Explorer 8, lacks these effects. Now, rounded corners on page elements have been the bane of many a designer for years and the solution many chose was the use of complicated layout and images. So, there are two hits here. First there is the fiddling that has to be done to contain the images, then of course there is the creation of the images, uploading them and then displaying them. That together with the additional overhead for the layout can be a trivial thing for sites with small amounts of monthly traffic. However on major sites with high traffic volumes that all adds up and eventually someone has to pay for it.

These rounded corners are now supported by the emerging standard for the way pages are "styled". And, that means that you, the site operator may be able to apply these styling effects simply and easily to help in the presentation of your content. Another advantage is the reduction in the time it takes to craft the code and the required image files necessary to create this effect in the future which in turn saves you from additional on-going costs.

Other new features of HTML 5 and CSS3 will be mentioned in this section from time to time. Bookmark this page now and keep in touch.

Maya Exotic Designs new venture

New startup Maya Exotic Design selects Intellinet for e-commerce site. When the business owner was looking for a supplier for her new business, she needed a site that was easy to manage and not be one where she would have to learn a lot of new techo web stuff. That was solved when she spoke to Intellinet. Her new website allows her to manage new products and sub-categories with ease. Her biggest challenge with the site was when she decided to do all the product photography.

When you think about your website you must consider the photography and having professional publication ready images is essential. Maya Exotic Design's site benefits significantly from the time and effort that was invested on this critical element of this business site.

Well done Sharon. Best wishes on your new adventure. See

Hunter Valley Chocolate Company launches new site.

With several chocolate shops in and around Pokolbin and a fast growing business, HVCC recently decided that their old tired site needed to be replaced. The key objective was to simplify site management and also their email marketing list and emails. PowerSites Store was a perfect fit for the list of requirements allowing HVCC to easily manage site content, customers, orders, products and their newsletters.

Get your chocolate hit at

Jason Roberts Management Consulting

When Jason Roberts decided that he needed a website to support his sales and marketing activities he knew that a key part of the content would be video based. Having been a client of EyeDesign Graphic Design for some time, he engaged EyeDesign to create a concept for his site that would closely tie in with his print materials describing the services he provides.

EyeDesign then contacted Intellinet to offer advice on the best strategy for implementation. The PowerSites CMS solution put forward suited Jason's needs perfectly. The PowerSites CMS allows Jason to easily upload his video files and to manage the site content when needed.

Congratulations Jason.  visit Jason's site at