If you have come to this page because you are thinking about your first website, or want to update your old tired site please read on.

If you are wanting to upgrade your site to something more substantial, or need e-Commerce then please go to our Get Serious page.

Our Process :  It is essential that we understand your business. This includes  an understanding of your maketplace, how you see your business positioned in that market, who your competitors are, what your added-value proposition is, and more. We will also explain to you how we go about setting up your website simplifying all the geek stuff but making sure you understand our role as well as yours in the process.

We will evaluate your existing business collateral, or in the case you dont yet have that we can also work on important design tasks for your logo, brochures and more.   more on Design   >

Some nits n grits

You will be able to update your site whenever you need to via the Content Management System (CMS). The CMS is what you use to manage your site’s content including text and images. According to your needs we will tailor a solution to best suit them. Our basic level CMS has been developed specifically for small to medium size businesses. It has been crafted to make it as intuitive as possible and minimise the need for you to worry about the underlying techo stuff. Thats our job. If you are familiar with products such as Microsoft Word, then you will be more than comfortable with our CMS.  more on CMS    >

You will also get from us some reading material that will help you understand some of the terminology especially that you should become familiar with to help your search engine results.

The website – typically involves something like this:

  • If you haven’t already done so, you need to secure your domain name. We can assist with this if required.    more on Domain Names   >
  • We provide you with your CMS at a staging site that has the essential pages, eg – Home, About Us, News, Contact and so on.
  • You provide us with your supporting images such as your logo and other images that represent your business
  • While we go about setting up the look and feel of your site, you can start to enter your business details including key sales messages, product/service details, contact details…..
  • Once we have worked together on the details and have the site at a point where it can be released, we publish it for you and make it available on your own web address. To be able to publish your site, it must be loaded to a webserver. This is generally referred to as “hosting”.   more on hosting   >
  • You can then, as required, make changes to your site including adding new News items, removing old ones, changing product or service details, add new pages, manage your testimonials, manage your photo gallery if you have one, and more…
  • You will have access to standard web statistics, and if you prefer, access to Google Analytics for more details analysis of how your website is working for you.