The data in your on-line store needs to be protected by a robust and secure management environment which is why we choose to offer our clients INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH PowerSites Store.

 With a flexible product catalog you can manage

  • Product categories and sub-categories
  • Add, modify and clone products to save time
  • Featured products to display on the main store page as "Featured Products"
  • Add product description, brand, ID, stock levels, special price, exclude from member discounts and more....
  • product attributes such as weight, colour, size etc without having to create duplicate entries
  • associated products

The order management facility allow you to view pending orders, shipped order, delete orders and perform searches for orders.

The customer management facility allows you to be able to search for customers, view customers, edit the customer's accounts and discount levels.

The Store system includes full sales reporting including key elements as top selling items, sales by product, by category, by sales period and more.

If required, your customers can also also rate products and post reviews.

Flexible delivery methods and costings such as by weight, flat fee, by order value, by Australia Post, by courier to shipping zone etc. allow you to decide which method best suits your business.

Choice of payment gateways either by the popular PayPal system for small on-line stores or by Australia's leading independent payment gateway Eway. You can also collect credit card details and process them manually through your POS terminal or have a printed order form so that customers can complete it with their payment details and fax to you.

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