Content Management Systems - whats it all about ?

Now comes the fun stuff.

Whats a CMS ?

A Content Management System(CMS) is the business end of your website. It allows you to manage all the content of your site including all pages, and the content on them.

Why CMS ?

The benefits to you include:

  • significantly reduced reliance on your site developer when you need to change things on your site
  • lower on-going costs
  • freedom and flexibility to manage your own on-line destinty

No one knows your business as well as you do, thats why our approach is to empower you with the ability to manage the site structure and content with minimal concern for the technicalities. Why do we do this ? Mainly because in today's world, websites need to be dynamic in nature. That is they need to be regularly updated with new fresh info to reflect your business environment.

With our approach, we work with you on the initial establishment of your website's structure and content. Then when you need to add new content, you can do so when and as required without being dependent upon your developer.

For example, many sites have a News page or a blog. This is a classic case of the need to update, remove, or add new articles that are of new products, changes in your prices, special deals, or just local events.

Google loves sites that change often. The more you change your site, the more Google will like it and visit to find out what has changed.

Intellinet specialise in providing easy to use Content Management Systems that allow you to do all this and more for very attractive prices.

We work with you to understand your business objectives and then setup your site and get you going. From then on, you are in control - with us in the background to help out if needed. You can add new pages,  turn off pages that may be related to past activities.

Whats included:

Typically, your website project may include these key points

  • Professional graphic design to deliver the look and feel of your site
  • The Content Management System that powers your website
  • Choice of Horizontal or vertical navigation (2 levels)
  • Unlimited pages (well, there is always a limit somewhere...)
  • Custom home page layout
  • Home page slideshow - if required
  • Custom layouts - as required
  • News page - if required
  • Testimonials page - essential
  • Photo gallery page if required
  • Contact page with contact form - always a requirement
  • Google Analytics for detailed analysis of how your site is performing
  • Free telephone support

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